About Us

We are awesome designer
We, at NIBESHWAR MAHADEV GROUP, are perfect blend of experience and young talent.

Our group is headed by Mr. KANTILAL VAISHNAV and Mr. HIRALAL RANGANI, both self made entrepreneurs, who have a vast experience of more than 25 years in construction industry. Their name itself carries enough trust in Panvel area. Mr.DINESH KHANDELWAL is other key member of the group. A management graduate with engineering background, he is responsible for the smooth functioning of group.

Mr. RAKESH KHANDELWAL AND Mr. NEERAJ VAISHANV are the young and energetic members of our group. They always come out with new concepts and new ideas in carrying out business in more efficient and friendly environment. Both are experienced enough in enabling the group to meet its goals

In the past, all of them have developed various residential cum commercial projects in Vashi, Kopakhairane, CBD Belapur, Kharghar, Kamothe nodes of Navi Mumbai.

Since its inception, Nimbeshwar Mahadev has steadily built itself on the trust that its customers have placed in it. The successful and timely completion of past projects has further strengthened this trust. We immediately form cooperative society and do conveyance in favor of the society within maximum span of 4-6 months (a right for which normally most of the societies keep fighting over the years). Over the past years, we have achieved success and growth by creating an environment of integrity and fair practices. It has adapted & is very flexible to developing real estate suiting the ever evolving and dynamic needs of the real estate market.

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